Troubleshoot: iPhone 7 failed to boot because damaged audio IC

Here is an iPhone 7 that was damaged by water, now this iPhone 7 is failed to boot, after checking, we found it’s the problem of the iPhone audio IC. We are going to troubleshoot it in hardware aspect.


Step 1

Disassemble the iPhone 7. Use screwdrivers to remove the screw next to the iPhone lightning port, and then heat iPhone 7 screen for a while by CPB screen sepatator, final we open the iPhone display screen smoothly.

Step 2

Connect the iPhone motherboard to the DC power supply,the iPhone leaks 900mA and not turning on.

Step 3

Take out the iPhone motherboard, and oberve it under the Trinocular Stereo Microscope, we found the capacitor C2307 was broken, the two of the iPhone audio amplification ICS under it have been corroded.

Picture 1

Step 4

Remove the capacitor C2307, and then clean it up, connect the iPhone motherboard to the DC power again to test, the data tested is 100mA, and the iPhone can be turned on smoothly.

After the iPhone is turned on, test the functions on iPhone, there is no vibration and no voice.

Step 5

Remove the both iPhone audio amplification IC, and then the diode data tested of the U3402 A2 pin is 30, but the normal data is more than 300.

After check iPhone schematic diagram via WUXINJI Dongle, we know that there only M2800 is connected to the A2 pin. Now, we confirmed that it’s the problem of the M2800.


Step 6

Remove the M2800, and install the new one. After replacement, the data of the U3402 A2 pin tested by digital multimeter is normal. Now replace the new 2 iPhone big audio IC, no leakage.

Finally, assemble the iPhone, and turn it on to test, all functions tested are normal, the iPhone 7 backs to normal work.


Solution: iPhone 6 Plus touch function not working after dropped

We received a drop-damaged iPhone 6 Plus, it can be turned on when we received it, but the iPhone touch function is unavailable, so we can’t test other functions. After iPhone touch screen replacement, the problem stills the same. Remove the iPhone motherboard to test.

phone repair Tools& equipment-2

The bottom of the UMT board is easy to disconnect, first we need to handle the iPhone touch error. There are 2 ways to remove the IC: one is remove it by tweezers; the other one is pry it from the side the IC.

Remove the iPhone touch IC and the re-install it, the iPhone 6 Plus auto restarts when the white Apple appears. Measure the iPhone by DC power supply, the boot current jumps from 300mA.

Pic 1

Take off the iPhone touch IC again to measure the resistance of the bottom of the board by digital multimeter, the resistance value measured is normal.

We didn’t meet this problem before, what’s the real problem? Because the boot current is larger than normal value, so we are going to measure the boot current after removing the U2 IC, but the problem still there. Measure the resistance value of the bottom pin of the iPhone U2 IC, we found the F4 pin PP3.0V is short circuit.

After check iPhone schematic diagram via WUXINJI Dongle, we know that this circuit has big power, fingerprint power supply and U5411_RF.

Pic 2

Supply power to the iPhone to boot it again, we found the U5411_RF is overheating, remove the 2 components that next to the U2, the iPhone is turned on, we confirmed that this iPhone problem is caused by damaged U5411.

The iPhone boot current jumps from 300mA, the iPhone displays white Apple and won’t enter the iOS system. Installing the iPhone touch IC, the new faults comes out after testing, the iPhone has no service and no IMEI after booting.

For this drop-damaged UMT motherboard baseband failure, remove the iPhone baseband CPU, and use QUICK 861DW hot air rework station to solder the jumper wire to V1 and U1.

Pic 3

After soldering the jumper wire, solidified it by painting green UV oil, and then reballing the tin on the iPhone baseband CPU. Install iPhone 6 Plus, the function tested is normal.

NAVIPLUS PRO3000S Software Download: V1.1308 / V1.1307/ V1.1306 / V1.1305

In this article, we are going to share several software versions of NAVIPLUS PRO3000S, which includes V1.1308, V1.1307, V1.1306 and V1.1305; you can download it free of charge.

There is no doubt that the NAVIPLUS PRO3000S Nand programmer is very popular Phone fix tools in the market, why is so popular? Because it’s very useful and multi-functional.

pro 3000s

The Pro3000S Nand flash programmer is not only for iPhone, but also for iPad. It supports iPhone 4S to iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad Air, iPad mini.

Now there are several modules can work with Pro3000s, the iPhone 6/6P Nand non-removal adapter, iPad 2 3 4 Nand non-removal adapter, iPad 5 6 Nand non-removal adapter. With these iPhone adapter or iPad adapter, you don’t need to replace the iPhone Nand flash or iPad Nand flash, it’s very convenient and helpful for repair work. And it has iPhone screen Ambient Light Sensor Data Backup Adapter, we called it as  pro3000s iPhone ALS  adapter. With this pro3000s iPhone ALS  adapter, you can fix the iPhone 8/8P/X screen smoothly.


The NAVIPLUS PRO3000S software version download link as follows:

NAVIPLUS PRO3000S V1.1308 version download link:!ZNNmCCzS!DpNRQuy9xPUwzIrK8YTIKqu0MFzCkkigHxSXmbLnRl4

NAVIPLUS PRO3000S V1.1307 version download link:!gNdU1IbY!ixHD1A7FqgG5BgRsWb_4wLmIOzjmy5fdaJAjWue_X4M

NAVIPLUS PRO3000S V1.1306 version download link:

NAVIPLUS PRO3000S V1.1305 version download link:

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Hardware Solution for iPhone 6 WIFI grayed out failure

The customer sent us an iPhone 6 for repairing, the fault described is that the iPhone WIFI can’t be turned on, it displays grey. After received the iPhone 6, test the iPhone WIFI, it really doesn’t work, we need to disassemble it and then repair it.


For this problem, first we can replace the iPhone WIFI IC directly. After install the iPhone WIFI IC, turn on iPhone 6, but it stuck when it entering the Settings, so the problem isn’t been solved. Next remove the iPhone WIFI IC and test several key point signals, we found the 14 pin doesn’t has the resistance value. Now, we need to check iPhone CPU, it’s complicated.

pic 1

There is no Bus reset signal, the normal is 1.8V, we are going to borrow it from another place, and there is a 1.8V beside it.

Pic 2

It’s useless if we directly connect it, so we need to find a resistor to pull it up. Put iPhone motherboard under the Stereo Zoom Microscope, and then remove a boot signal pull-up resistor 220K,

Pic 3

Install the iPhone WIFI IC, and then turn on the iPhone to test, now the iPhone WIFI function can be used normally.

Solved: water-damaged iPhone X white Apple restart repeatedly

An iPhone X accidentally fell into water, and then the iPhone X won’t turn on as usual. This iPhone X repeatedly restart when white Apple logo appears, we suspect that the iPhone X motherboard was damaged, we are going to solve it.

professional iPhone repair tool

First of all, test the iPhone X. Press the iPhone X power button, the white Apple logo appears normally, after few seconds, the iPhone X automatically restarts. Is it the iPhone baseband problem?

Connect iPhone motherboard to the DPS DC power supply to observe the current, the current jumps normally, when the current jumps two times when it up to more than 1mA, and then the iPhone turns black and power down.  It keeps looping like this. With this case, we can eliminate the iPhone baseband CPU problem.

When the current is up to 1A, in addition to the baseband search signal, and the WiFi and the external configuration are also the system detection process, then, we will first check the external configuration.

According to the previous analysis, unplug the front sensing ribbon wire, and the system is started normally. As we know, the iPhone X front-sensing ribbon cable has iPhone encrypted chip. If we replace it directly, then the iPhone face ID will not working. So, we need to repair it, instead of replacing.

Carefully remove the front sensing ribbon cable from the screen, and then put it under the Trinocular Integrated Microscope to observe. We can see that there are signs of water corrosion on the sensing ribbon cable.


Pay attention to the temperature when you remove it, this chip is easy to be damaged. After removing the chip,  we clean up the corroded area, and then install the ribbon cable.


Install the iPhone, turn it on, the boot process is normal. Test the iPhone face ID, it works properly.


Best fix iPhone 7P white Apple restart and error 9

We received an iPhone 7P, the fault described is that the iPhone fell into a litter water, it can be used normally at first, after a day, the iPhone always restart when booting and it won’t enter the IOS system, it was repaired once but failed, now, they send the iPhone 7P to us for repairing. The fault of the iPhone is the same as the customer described, re-flash the iPhone, the iTunes reports unknown error 9 (the process bar flashes only 1 times and then reports an error).

professional iPhone repair tool

For iPhone 6S and later, the unknown error 9 usually is caused by iPhone Nand flash and iPhone logic epprom IC. Measuring the power supply of the iPhone Nand flash by digital multimeter, the 3V, 1.8V and 0.9V all are normal, and the iPhone Nand flash and iPhone logic epprom IC didn’t been repaired, but the iPhone baseband part did. Leave it alone, now we try to fix it by replacing iPhone Nand flash, after replacement, it still reports unknown error 9, then it may problem of the iPhone logic epprom IC. Directly replace the iPhone logic epprom IC, after replacement, it still reports unknown error 9.

What’s the real problem? We think that when the resistance value of the two resistors that connected to the logic epprom IC is too large, it will also reports error 9, try to replace these 2 resistors. Remove the iPhone logic epprom IC and the resistors that connected to it, and then with the help of the QUICK 861DW hot air rework station and Titanium Alloy Tweezers, we replace all of them.

pic 1

After replacement, re-flash the iPhone, now the process bar is running normally, which means the iPhone baseband part is no problem, the iPhone is basically repaired. When the flash is finished, the problem has been repaired smoothly.

pic 2


Solution: iPhone 6S stuck on DFU mode and won’t turn on

Why my iPhone 6S stuck on DFU mode and won’t turn on? Please check the iPhone nand flash.  Here is a case, the iPhone 6S won’t turn on and always stuck on DFU mode. We need to fix it.

The most practical & professional apple repair tools-02

Disassemble the iPhone, connect iPhone motherboard to the DC power supply, the current tested is 100mA.

Connect iPhone to the computer, it shows DFU mode and won’t stop, always DFU mode, the iPhone can’t be turned on.

Reflash the iPhone via iTunes, it stuck on iTunes flash process bar and then reports unknown error -1.  From this phenomenon, there is little chance of CPU failure.

Take out the iPhone motherboard, first, test the power supply by DC power supply for iPhone repair, the iPhone Nand flash on the left side of the capacitor can be tested to 0.9V, 1.8V, 3.0V, the power supply is normal

pic 1

Removing the iPhone nand flash to test. First, hit the resistance value, and it is normal. Test the hard disk by using the JC PCIE nand test fixture. This 6S original Nand flash is damaged, the data can only be read but only replaced.

pic 2

First, query the serial number through IMEI. The professional of sn with BT WFI address can find out the Bluetooth and WiFi address (referred to as the three codes). After the mobile phone is replaced, the mobile phone after win 11 must be written to the original three codes to activate after replacing the iPhone Nand flash.

Before writing the code, write the underlying data of the corresponding model first. If the underlying data has any problems, there will be some strange problems, which belongs to the underlying error phenomenon. So you can use JC PCIE IPhone 8 8P X NAND test fixture to read and write. After watching the camera, the screen is reversed. Re-writing the underlying data to solve the problems

pic 3

After re-writing the underlying data, install the iPhone nand flash to the iPhone motherboard, and then assemble the iPhone motherboard. Now, the iPhone 6S can be turned on smoothly!


iPhone 5 Charging Problems with hardware solutions here

Even the iPhone 5 is old model, but someone still is using it. The iPhone charging problem is very common, iPhone 5 is no exception.  If you are facing iPhone 5 charging problem, here are some hardware solutions.

The most practical & professional apple repair tools-02

In order to repair iPhone 5 charging problems, first we need to know the iPhone 5 charging schematic diagram. Open the WUXINJI Dongle to check it, we know that the charging part of iPhone 5 is made up of Q2, U2 and U7,  the 5V voltage sent from the tail plug passes through the Q2 to send two 5V power supply. PP5V0_USB_PROTECT and PP5V0_USB_RPROT were sent to U7 and U2 respectively. In addition, there are two detection pin in the middle of the battery contact J6! they pass through FL10, FL11 respectively and send to power IC-U7, FL10, FL11.

If the iPhone 5 has charging problem,  you can plug the iPhone lightning cable to the iPhone 5, and test if there is a 5V sent from by C304, and measure whether C272 has 5V output.

If there is no 5V, you need to detect the iPhone tail plug flex cable,  and short connect the Q2.

If both have 5V, then the problem should be on U2 or U7, moreover, the problem of the iPhone battery detective pin also can cause iPhone charging abnormal, such as the iPhone battery power is getting less when it in charging, auto reboot and so on.

In this case, we can use QUICK 861DW hot air rework station and tweezers to replace the U2 or U7.

After replacement, recharge the iPhone, now everything should be normal.





Repair guide: iPhone 6 Plus WIFI switch won’t turn on

The iPhone 6 Plus WIFI switch won’t turn on after dropping, which means the iPhone WIFI function can’t be used, we need to repair it.

The most practical & professional apple repair tools 05

Power on iPhone 6 Plus, get into IOS to test iPhone, all function works good, except iPhone WIFI, the iPhone WIFI icon can’t be turned on.

First, use phone opening tools to disassemble the iPhone 6 Plus, remove the iPhone display assembly, disconnect the iPhone battery, and then take out the iPhone motherboard.

Put iPhone motherboard under the Stereo Zoom Microscope to observe, we found the iPhone WIFI IC has some problem.

Use QUICK 861DW hot air rework station to heat the iPhone WIFI IC, and then use tweezers to remove the iPhone WIFI IC, there are 18 pieces pin are missing, one of them is an empty pin, no need to fill.

Clean up the solder pad, and then use fill the missing pins, apply some green UV oil to those pins, use UV lamp light to solidify them.

pic 1

Now, install the iPhone WIFI IC to the iPhone motherboard, and then assemble the iPhone motherboard.

Finally, power on iPhone, test the iPhone WIFI function, the iPhone 6 Plus WIFI switch is turning on smoothly and the iPhone WIFI function works perfectly.

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