Free Download 2018 ZXW Dongle 2.6 version( new use methods / features)

Good news here!  2018 new ZXW Dongle V2.6 is released, and the latest ZXW 2.6 version downloading software is here! The ZXW V2.6 comes with many new functions and more convenient operating system,so you can check iPhone schematic diagram or other cell phone bitmap more easier. If you are using ZXW Dongle, then ZXW V2.6 version will help you a lot.


What’s the new functions and how to use them? Take iPhone X Qualcomm version as the display interface.

1. File menu list (left side)

On the left is the file menu list, right-click on the corresponding model to expand all child nodes of the current node.

As we know, we need to use the mouse one-click query in the previous version. However, for new ZXW 2.6 version, we can right-click on the ZXW model that needs to be browsed, all the file lists on the model will be opened for selection, and you can click the right button to close the list page, the left mouse button will keep the original version.

2. 10 languages

ZXW v2.6 has 10 languages, they were English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Spanish, Hindi, Thai, Arabic, Indonesian and Portuguese, the users can choose different languages according to their needs.

3. IC Anchor Point, Welding Direction Physical Map (shortcut key T)

If the ZXW model has a physical map display, there will be a selection box of the component physical map on the left side after opening the corresponding model. You can see the physical map display of the model after selecting “√ “in the box.

After double-clicking the physical map, the component will enter the maintenance mode. When the component is removed, the pad can be illuminated and queried.

4. Motherboard layer internal routing function

Routing within the mainboard layer, which is convenient for excavating the broken line and repair it at the most suitable position after the layer is disconnected.

Select the relevant model. If there is internal routing function, the following selection function will be displayed in the left list. Select the 1-N line from the top to the bottom on the left side. The same line is as same as the selected pad will be displayed in red. Closing the surface routing and hiding all pads can be more intuitive. Closing the corresponding layers can eventually lock where the pad line routing and the actual lines are in the inner layers. This function is very practical for iPhone  motherboard break repair, industry first!

When using this function, it is recommended to close the following three items in the right function list.

1. Display component item number
2. Component tool tip
3. Display component frame
First light the target pad, and then close the left component physical map

5. Some common shortcut key and utility options on the right side

Some of the most common shortcut keys and utility options are added to the right side.

Automatically display the NC (shortcut N) , display a light blue NC after clicking

Automatically display the ground (shortcut G), GND display in gray after clicking

ZXW is as same as the previous style after the above two methods are canceled. After selecting the function, NC and GND cannot be lit.

6. Intuitive display of circuit relations

Selecting and querying the highlight iPad on the right side, the corresponding component will appear phantom, and the pad will appear above the component to visually show the circuit relationship.

7. Notes feature

Chinese comment function of components. Enlarge and query after selecting the function menu on the left, click the pad, there will be pad or network function annotations on the mouse (component function annotations) and the lower right status bar.

It is easy to judge the function of this pad when repairing. This explanation only represents the ZXW team. If there appear any errors, please ignore this function.

8. Resistance Function

Resistance will be continually tested and gradually added after the V2.6 is stable, and it will be continually popularized on other models

9. ZXW bitmap and PDF Precision Interworking 2.0 Mode

Click the Chinese or English schematic in the left list. You can also click the pad on the ZXW file or component; send schematic by right-click, inquiry and you will open the BlackFish function

Turn on the schematic interworking function to synchronize the ZXW point and the schematic. If you do not need to interwork, please remove the tick.

When selecting the interworking arbitrary schematic, Black Fish PDF browser can select a local PDF or other ZXW to browse which has no connection with the current point, or select the interworking query mode which is interlocking with the point, but does not support precision interworking, but the interlocking query mode of the conventional software.

Black Fish mouse wheel is changed to zoom in and out, H is the dragging shortcut of hand pattern, change the page number, you can zoom out and drag by hand pattern, or click the page bar arrow blow the Black Fish to select directly the page number.
Precision interworking as follows

Click on the point component or IC pad, BlackFish schematic will find the pad or component precisely

Select the target pad and press the shortcut key K to precisely position the pad for the Black Fish PDF. The bit number is shortcut key J and the network name is L.

Select the IC or component pin on the schematic, press J to send it to the ZXW point and indicate the relevant pad position.

The mode of network name query

Select the network name (shortcut key L)

That is okay when the point says “query successes”
Press the upper and lower pads on the right function bar to query the pad associated with this network, and the AB surface switches.

Precision interworking mode has reached 2.0 mode, the ZXW team pioneered

10. Chinese network Query

You can search for Chinese keywords according to your needs, or query by list, lock precisely data such as control signals power bus, etc.

You can check more functions can be selected by right clicking on the button or selected in the top, left or right menus.

Pic 11

11. Local PDF

Open the BlackFish program, when the file is open in the list, you can choose the local PDF

Choose arbitrary schematic.

Otherwise, you will be prompted to open the ZXW corresponding file query, select the local file. It only supports the conventional fuzzy interworking, and does not support 2.0 precision interworking.

The ZXW Dongle supports  iPhone / samsung / HTC / LG / iPad, it is a professional phone fix tools.

professional iPhone repair tool

The ZXW V2.6 software download link:!sFlFiZCS!HAyhh1juG1oJ0jx6PeIlZQW04lGXMAuS-27Z8lTQn84




Fix iPhone 7 Blurry screen failure by repairing iPhone logic board

The iPhone 7 displays a blurry screen after  it is turned on, the iPhone screen is darkness, and there are some lines on the screen, we need to fix it. After testing and checking, the problem is on the iPhone logic board, we need to fix iPhone logic board.

Disassemble the iPhone 7 by phone opening tools, and then take out the iPhone motherboard.

After checking, we find this iPhone motherboard appearance is good. According to the previously experience, we need to measure the iPhone display socket.

Measure the iPhone display socket by digital multimeter, we found the 7th resistance of  the display socket is infinitely large,the normal data should be about 400.

Picture 1

Check iPhone 7 schematic diagram in the WUXINJI Dongle, we know this pin is iPhone display screen 1.8V power supply, and according to the bitmap, we know that this pin is connected with inductance FL3906.

Picture 2

Measuring the other end of the inductance ,the data tested is normal.

Use QUICK 861DW to replace the new inductance FL3906, and then measure it again, the data is normal now.

Install the iPhone, and turn it on to test, now the iPhone LCD screen displays normally, the repairs end!

Try to recover iPhone data from Dead iPhone motherboard– Details

Many people want to know how to recover the iPhone data from dead motherboard, now we have new solution for it,  we are trying to use this solution to finish the iPhone data recovery from dead iPhone motherboard, the details are here!

Professional mobile phone repair station

Take an iPhone 6 as an example

This iPhone 6 can’t be turned on caused by iPhone dead logic board.

Disassemble the iPhone by phone opening tools, and then carefully remove the iPhone logic board.

Attach iPhone logic board to the iPhone PCB holder fixture, and then use QUICK 861DW hot air rework station and tweezers to remove the iPhone baseband CPU iPhone Nand flash and EEPROM  IC step by step.  We need to be very careful when remove these ICs to keep them safe.

Use soldering iron and PCB graver blade to clean up these 3 ICs with rosin, BGA solder flux, and PCB cleaner.

Attach these chips to the BGA reballing stencil, and then use QUICK 861DW to reballing it.

Install iPhone baseband, iPhone Nand flash and EEPROM  IC to the new iPhone logic board, and then install the iPhone.

Turn on iPhone and get into IOS to check whether the iPhone data recovery is success.

Usually, if the CPU, iPhone NAND Flash, EEPROM are good, then you can do it.


Repair Xiaomi Redmi speaker and handset no sound failure

Xiaomi Redmi speaker has no sound when playing the music, and the handset also has no sound when make the phone calls. We need to repair it.

professional iPhone repair tool

First check whether the Redmi is in headphones mode, after checking, the Redmi doesn’t in headphones mode, but the speaker and handset still not working.

Disassemble the Xiaomi Redmi by phone opening tools, use digital multimeter to measure the EAR_DET voltage, after measurement, there is no voltage and it is short circuit,R1904 is short circuit.

Take out the R1904 by Precision Titanium Alloy Tweezers, we find the capacitor DCD_HS_DET is short circuit.


Check Redmi schematic diagram, we know that CDC_HS_DET leads to a Redmi power supply IC. Test the Redmi, we find the power supply IC is overheat, replace the new Redmi power supply IC.

Now find a 2.2K (222 capacitor), and then replace the R1904 capacitor, use QUICK 861DW hot air rework station to solder it with jump wire.


Soldering the Redmi power supply IC, and then turn on Redmi to test, EAR_DET headphone detection voltage 1.8V is normal, Disconnect the power, and then install the Redmi, after testing, the headphone speaker and handset all works properly, the repair

Latest screen programmer for repairing iPhone X/8P/8 Auto-Brightness function

After replace the iPhone X/8P/8 display screen ,the iPhone Auto-Brightness function not working anymore, which mean it can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the environment, we called it as ambient light sensor failure. The good news is that we have a iPhone LCD Photosensitive programmer to fix this failure.


What’s iPhone ambient light sensor failure? 

We could do an experiment on iPhone X.  (Note: Before you start the repairs, you need to backup your iPhone X first, and this solution also can be used for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.)

  1. Put iPhone X on the WL phone maintenance platform, and then get into IOS to test iPhone X 3D touch and touch function, they works good.
  2. Go to Settings-> General-> Accessibility-> Display Accommodations-> Auto-Brightness, reboot Auto-Brightness button, and switch the button until you see it is in green status.
  3. Now to to Settings-> General-> Display & Brightness, slide the brightness bar to the left to the lowest level, now the iPhone screen is dark.
  4. Let the iPhone X get normal contact with the light, the displace screen brightness of the iPhone X will automatically adjust to a suitable level,the iPhone X ambient light sensor works normally.
  5. Prepare a new iPhone X display screen, use phone open tools to remove the iPhone X display assembly, and then install the new one.
  6. Test the new screen. The 3D touch and touch function is normal.
  7. Go to Settings-> General-> Accessibility-> Display Accommodations-> Auto-Brightness, reboot Auto-Brightness button, and switch the button until you see it is in green status.
  8. Now to to Settings-> General-> Display & Brightness, slide the brightness bar to the left to the lowest level, now the iPhone screen is dark.
  9. Let the iPhone X get normal contact with the light, the display screen brightness of the iPhone X keeps dark and it can’t adjust to a suitable level,the iPhone X ambient light sensor not working.

    phone repair holder

How to use iPhone iPhone LCD Photosensitive programmer to fix it?

  1. Remove the new iPhone X display assembly.
  2. Connect the original iPhone X display assembly to the left side of the iPhone photosensitive data programmer, and then connect new iPhone X display assemble to the right side of the iPhone photosensitive data programmer.
  3. Click the “read” button on the programmer, after for a while, the data has been read successfully.
  4. Click the “write” button on the programmer, after for a while, the data has been written successfully.
  5. Disconnect the both iPhone display assembly screen from the iPhone photosensitive data programmer, and then install the new iPhone display assembly screen to the iPhone X.
  6. Turn on the iPhone X, and test it, the 3D touch and touch function works normally, and the iPhone X ambient light sensor works perfectly.


Solved: iPhone 7 white Apple reboot after repairing audio part

Apple iPhone 7 auto reboot when white Apple logo appears on the iPhone display screen and it can’t enter the IOS system, the iPhone can be flashed, but for second time, the iPhone 7 auto reboot while the flash process bar is not finished.

professional phone repair tool
This iPhone 7 originally needed to repair the audio part because it was not able to record, and the voice can’t be sent out on the Wechat or Whatsapp. For this audio failure, we can fix it by replacing the new iPhone audio. However, after replace the iPhone audio, the iPhone 7 always white Apple reboot.

First we thought maybe it’s the iPhone audio is not installed well, so we re-install the audio by QUICK 861DW hot air rework station, but after replacement, the problem is the same. We try to flash the iPhone, the flash process runs smoothly, but it won’t be able to access the IOS system after the flash, re-flash the iPhone again, the iPhone automatically restarts.

Is the iPhone battery out of power?  Replace the new iPhone battery, and then test it, the iPhone boot successfully, but something wrong, the iPhone battery power percentage is not right. Now, we realized that the iPhone battery detective pin has some problem.

Use Fluke 15B+ Digital Multimeter to test it, the data tested is normal, re-test it for several times, we confirm the problem is the iPhone battery detective pin. Check the iPhone schematic diagram in the WUXINJI Dongle.

There are Q2102 and a boost resistor, the resistor tested is good, directly replace the new Q2102.

Reboot the iPhone again, now everything goes well, the repairs end!

Update PRO3000S V1.1305 Software freely (new functions)

New V1.1305 software for PRO3000S  has new functions, it’s worth being updated. As we know, the iPad air non-remover adapter is new socket for Pro3000s, in this article, you can get the details for it, and you can get the new V1.1305 software freely.

iphone NAND test pixture_proc

Frist, rree Pro 3000S new V1.1305 software download link:

What’s new function?

  •  Air/Air2 Un-Removing-NAND Fixture: the Fixture offered by Naviplus Team, it makes less NAND removing and more efficiency;
  • 5 Object Item: “Battery serial number”, “Back camera serial number”, “Front camera serial number”, “LCM serial number”, “Fingerprint serial number”;
  • Automation change the inter capacity of NAND and “sales model” to “i4 Tools” when write the FW

What’s “5 Object Item”? 

“5 Object Items”, they were BTS, BCS, FCS, LCS, and FPS.

  • BTS= Battery serial number
  • BCS= Back camera serial number
  • FCS= Front camera serial number
  • LCS= LCM serial number
  • FPS= Fingerprint serial number

How to use?

  • If some item of “5 Object Items” is read ok from iPhone NAND flash or iPad NAND, then, it can be edited and rewritten to NAND. If some item isn’t in NAND, the box will fail to read the item;
  • It’s not every PAD or PHONE has the entire “5 Object Item”, PAD4 doesn’t have the “FPS” item;
  •  When open the Set & Write interface, as green line up, the position is WIFI & Blue Tooth Mac. When click the “===>>” button, the edit contents will stich to ‘BTS’ contents, and click the “===>>” again, it will switch to “BCF” and so on, it will from “WM & BM” to “BTS” -> “BMS”-> “FMS”-> “LCS”-> “FPS” TO “WM & BM”. If some item switch to, the item can be edit;
  •  If some item of “5 Object Items” fail to read from NAND, when switch to the according item, the “edit box” will be disable, but others item no effect;
  • All the item of ‘5 Object Items’ is text format except ‘FPS’. The ‘FPS’ is the HEX format, so, it only receives the char from ‘0’ – ‘F’.
  • The length of the item is according to original information of NAND, when input char reach to the maximum length, input be disabling.

How to use iPad Air (iPad 5 6) non-remover adapter? 

  • Select the iPad 5/6  non-remover adapter check box in configuration interface;
  • First click the Read button, must Read successful before Write or Set/Write, it’s not suggested write the FW data from one logic board to another logic board, every FW data of logic board from itself to itself is suggested.
  •  Now, there may be several iPad NAND flash model are not supported by Air/Air2 Un-Removing NAND Fixture: 32G ( THGBX2G8D4JLA01 /  THGBX2G8B4JLA01/ THGBX3G8D4KLA0C) ,  64G ( THGBX4G9T4KLF0C / H2JTFG8PD1MMR/ SDMILBCF4-064G)


Fix iPhone 5S camera won’t take pictures with logic board repair

When you turn on the camera on iPhone 5S, it won’t take pictures,  no matter for iPhone rear camera or iPhone front camera, both not working.  There nothing was covered the iPhone camera, and after try software solutions,  the iPhone camera still doesn’t work, now we are going to check iPhone hardware issues.

Professional mobile phone repair station_proc

Disassemble the iPhone 5S and remove the iPhone logic board.

Check iPhone 5S camera diagram on WUXINJI Dongle,  the L29, L30, L28, FL43 components, it is easy to cause no power supply after water corrosion, the problem can be solved by short connection, U210 and U13, the two small glass IC also easily damaged cause no voltage output, it can be short connected as picture 1.

pic 2

When remove the  the U210 and U13, please don’t use hot air gun, because the iPhone baseband IC is next to them, the hot air gun is easy to damage it and causes it to short-circuit.

Remove the black glue from the IC and heat with the QUICK TR1300A hot air rework station.

For the front camera, the voltage of 2.85V is sent to the interface through FL44, 1.8V passes through FL23 to the interface J1, FL44 and FL23 are easily corroded and damaged, resulting in camera function failure. Interface J1 water is easy to corrode too, patiently clean it and add solder paste or replace J1.

The video signal sent by iPhone CPU is sent through FL13, FL15, FL12, FL14 to J1, inductor FL13, FL15, FL12, FL14 are easy to get corrosion and cause camera problems, short connection will solve the problem.

After finish the repairs, install the iPhone 5S and turn it on,  open the iPhone camera and test it, now both the rear and front camera are working well!



Here! Most Comprehensive Solutions For iPhone 5S Charge Failure

The iPhone 5S has charge failure, such as iPhone can be charged when it is turned on, but it cannot be charge when it is turned off, or it reports that it does not support this accessory, or can’t be charge at all. We need to repair it.

maintenance engineer toolkits

Check iPhone 5S circuit diagram on WUXINJI Dongle, we know that after plug the iPhone lightning cable, the charge voltage PP5V0_USB_PROT first passes through Q2, then to U2, and then to the iPhone power supply IC–U7, we can measure the voltage of 5V to U2 by Fluke 15B+ Digital Multimeter at point C272, and the 5V voltage can be measured at point C304.

If 5V can’t be measured at C304 and C372 points, which means that Q2 is damaged. In this case, we need to short connect Q2,as shown in the following picture 1-1


If one has 5V and the other not, which means there is a disconnection. In this case, we will use QUICK 861DW hot air rework station to solder a jump wire from C304 to C272.


  1. If the C304 or C272 doesn’t have the voltage, it will cause iPhone can be charge only when it is turned off or is the hint that the accessory is not supported
  2. The iPhone 5S USB control IC–U2 is easy to damage, and then cause iPhone cannot be charged, cannot connect to computer and won’t boot issues, so we need to replace the iPhone USB charge IC–U2.
  3. The damaged iPhone battery and iPhone tail plug flex cable also can cause iPhone charge failures, such as won’t charge, “this accessory is not supported”, or the percentage of charge icon is getting less when the iPhone in charging, so we need to replace the new iPhone batter or iPhone tail plug flex cable.

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