How to replace iPhone Battery Adhesive Strips

With the correct method as following, you can successfully replace Battery Adhesive Strips of any types iPhone. Every time you unload the battery by iPhone opening tools, these strips must be replaced. It’s very easy to injure the strips if you are not use correctly. Therefore, the best way is you have backup strips when you are the first time to replace this strips .you can use your fingers to remove the strips or you can use the tweezers of phone repair tools.


The larger iPhone “Plus” models use three strips instead of two, but the procedure is the same.

When you put your battery out, you can carry out the remover of the iPhone Battery Adhesive strips.

  • Remove the small plastic film covering the flat ends of the adhesive strips. Catch the large blue membrane backing instead and shell it back slightly to expose a small amount of adhesive near the flat end of the strips.
  • Put the battery upside down (battery connector on the right) ,carefully lever the exposed parts of the adhesive strips along the lower edge of the front of the battery, and press them lightly into place.
  •  Peel off the large blue film covering the strips on the flat surface.
  •  Softly roll the adhesive strips over the bottom edge of the battery toward the back by using your fingertip.
  • Lay the strips down flat and let them stick to the back of the battery.
  •  In order to fully exposing the adhesive strips,you should peel away the remaining piece of film.
  •  With the strips facing down, align the top edge of the battery into your iPhone.

Finally: When the battery is correctly positioned, lay it down in the iPhone and press it firmly into place, allowing the adhesive strips to stick to the rear case.And then ,you can put the battery back on your iPhone and make it re-work.

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