IPhone 7 demolition and reorganization guide

It is good for you to know how to disassemble and reorganize your iPhone 7, just in case. However, it is need many of phone repair tools to finish this engineering. Fortunately, now is the internet age, you can buy anything through the internet. Now we list the phone repair tools we need, they are phone opening tool, SIM card eject pin, tweezers, knife set and different types of the screwdriver. If you want to quickly find high-quality tools ,maybe you can try Vipprogrammer.


when you prepared all of phone repair tools you needed, then we can start.

  1. Turn off your iPhone 7.
  2. Pop up the Nano-SIM card tray.
  3. Using screwdriver to unload two Pentalobe screws beside the lightning connector.
  4. Carefully disassemble the cable and liberate the iPhone 7 display assembly from the phone.
  5. Take out the stereo-enabling speaker and teardown the Front-Facing Camera Cable Assembly of iPhone 7.
  6. Carefully extract the battery.
  7. Pry the rear-facing camera out of the chassis and digging the iPhone 7 logic board out of the rear case.
  8. Know down the iPhone 7 loudspeaker.

Finally, remove the last component which contains the power and volume button switches, LED flash, a microphone, and the ring / silent switch. When iPhone 7 power and volume buttons are nuzzled securely in the rear,  just defying conventional removal.


The related link:

https://www.fixez.com/guides/iphone/ iphone-7-repair-guides/iphone-7-teardown


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