Repair no service and no IMEI on iPhone 6

Have you ever met “no service ” on your iPhone 6? and does it make you unhappy? As we all know, if your iPhone has no service, your iPhone just like a stone, because you can’t use mobile data and can not contact with others by send message or make a phone call unless there are WIFI around. But if unfortunately you are in no WIFI surroundings, you will feel so frustrated.

Let’s follow the Vipprog to fix the problem of your iPhone 6 and regain our normal and pleasure life.

Cause iPhone 6 no service have many reasons, which means we should find out the fatal problem and then fix them. Above all, turn on the iPhone 6 and searching for the signal, shows no service. Then type the “*#06” on the dialer board for IMEI,there are no responce.So, we can initially judge the problem is signal failure


Check the settings-General-About,the IMEI code displays right, SIM card can read and Modem Firmware functions also normally.

Now we can take some operation

1. teardown the phone by phone opening tools and remove the LCD screen assembly, then detach the motherboard. Please note all the step should be careful.


2. using Diagonal Pliers to remove the shield plate on the motherboard and put the motherboard on the PCB fixture platform.


3. painted some BGA paste flux to the baseband CPU and use hot air gun which turn on 300 degrees centigrade to blow it, after a while, remove the baseband CPU.


4. clean the tins on the bonding pad with solder iron, then cleaning again by using rosin and PCB cleaner.


5. using digital multimeter to test the U1 Y1 pin of the baseband, no resistance. we can conclude that the pin has been disconnected. Then scrape the insulation varnish off the U1 Y1 pin circuit, solder the tins on the circuit with soldering iron for cable welding afterwards. Then align a solder added copper wire with a diameter of 0.02 millimeter to the exposed circuit with soldering iron. Clean it with PCB cleaner.


6. painted some UV curable solder mask to the aligned copper wire, then put it under the UV dryer lamp for 10 minutes, and Apply some rosin with soldering iron for cleaning, PCB cleaner afterwards. Once finished, reball the baseband CPU with BGA reballing stencil.

iPhone-no-signal-repair-117. 7. Painted some soldering paste with BGA scraper and smear evenly on the right place. Blow it with hot air gun for formation, take it down and blow it with hot air gun again and painted some soldering paste with BGA scraper and smear evenly on the right place. Blow it with hot air gun for formation, take it down and blow it with hot air gun again. Then apply some BGA paste flux to the bonding pad, align the CPU to the right place, blow it with hot air gun at 280 degrees centigrade.


Finally, once the motherboard is cooling enough, clean it with PCB cleaner. Afterwards, install the motherboard to the phone and test , the IMEI code functions well. Your iPhone 6 back to normal.



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