Ways for iPhone 6s Plus display assembly

If you unfortunately broke your iPhone screen assembly or you want to replace the display assembly for your iPhone 6s Plus, this guide is your timely rain and all the tools you needed can be found it in here.


  1.  Back up your data. Use iCloud or iTunes to back up your data before powering off your phone in case something goes wrong.
  2. Remove the front panel and the rear case. Open the iPhone by removing the two screws located on the bottom edge and apply a suction cup and spudger as well as a plastic opening tool in turns to remove the front panel and the rear case.
  3. Remove most of the iPhone’s internal hardware, starting with the battery connector. With the pointed tip of the spudger the battery connector can be easily dismantled from the logic board; but when comes to the front-facing camera and sensor cable connector, you have to turn to a plastic opening tool for help, After this we see digitizer cable and display data cable, make sure to pry them straight up from its socket on the logic board.
  4. display assembly. With those tasks complete, now it’s turn to remove the broken display assembly and install the new display assembly.
  5. Home button assembly. Tear down the home button screws by screwdriver, bracket as well as the cable successively from its connector on the display assembly.
  6. Reassemble the iPhone. To reassemble the phone, work your way back through the previous steps.

As you work through the process, be careful not to damage any of the small metal contacts on the cable connectors or battery connector pressure contact. When dealing with the adhesive, it is suggested to use a hairdryer, iOpener to soften before removing.


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