Mobile Phone Repair needed these 6 most often used tools

Smart phones of today are far more reliable than they have ever been, but that still doesn’t mean that they won’t go wrong. And the chances are high that if you’re reading this, you’re the sort of person who will want to whip the cover off your phone and take a look at what’s causing the problem.

If you’re going to do that, then you need the best tools to help you get the job done. Having the right tools not only makes the job quicker, it also makes it safer and prevents you from causing more damage. Vipprog  summed up the six most commonly used tools

Below are list of 6 most essential tools used for cell phone repairs.

  1. 5 Point Pentalobe Screwdriver

Topping the list is 5 Point Pentalobe Screwdriver, which is a must have for iPhone owners. This type of screwdriver is used to help disassemble your iphone and replace your touch screen digitizer. It is specifically designed to fit the 5-point star shape screws used for the dock connector on the bottom.

  1. Nylon Spudger

A spudger is a tough antistatic tool that can be used for a variety of purposes when repairing electronic devices. As the name “Nylon Spudger” implies, it’s made of nylon, so it’s perfect for poking or prodding sensitive electronic components without fear of damaging them such as removing and installing all types of cell phone connector. It is an ideal material for use in ESD protected areas.

  1. Fine Tipped Curved Tweezers

The Fine Tip and Curved Tweezers are invaluable for picking up and handling screws and small components. The sharp tip provides exacting precision for installing and replacing small electronic components. You can also use it to carefully remove tape, release connections, and reseat flex cables!  With these tweezers, your repair job can be done in a much easier fashion with little effort!

  1. Small Phillips Screwdriver .

Many devices will have small phillips head screws that will need to be removed in order to replace a damaged part. It is one of the most essential smartphone & tablet repair tools.

  1. Precision Knife Set

A Precision Knife Set includes a metal handle and 6 different blades to assist you in scraping, cleaning and cutting your way through your next mobile phone or tablet repair.

  1. Plastic Opening Tools

  Plastic Opening Tool is used to prying glass screens away from the rest of your phone or tablet without causing damage to other fragile parts. Thanks to its unique shape, which make it safe and easy to use. This three-sided plastic tool is truly a must-have for most screen replacement DIY projects and repairs.

There are hundreds of tools for mobile phone repairing available in the market. But what you should do is to get only those which you need, above is an absolutely indispensable kit for anyone who wants to repair smartphones and tablets. Lastly, may you have a pleasant experience in your phone repairing!



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