Tips for iPhone 6s can’t be turned on after dropping it

The present situation is iPhone 6s cannot be turned on after dropping. As shown in picture 1-1. Does it make you crazy, because it will make your daily work get into mess. Don’t worry, let’s see what’s going on your phone



Firstly, connect motherboard to DC power and it shows no current. The motherboard has no marks of short circuit. Short connect the power on pin and it shows high current, which suggests that there is short circuit on some voltage of open circuit.


Secondly, using the multimeter to measure the diode data of each power supply on the motherboard and find the diode data of PP_CPU voltage is 0.002. Obviously it is too small, as shown in picture 1-2.



Then, as many components are connected to PP_CPU voltage, it will take a long time to exclude one by one. So we put rosin on the surface of each component evenly. Short connect power on pin and find the rosin on capacitor C2006 beside CPU melts fastest. The material object is shown in picture 1-3 and the relevant circuit diagram of C2006 is shown in picture 1-4.




Finally, Remove capacitor C2006 directly and measure the diode data of PP_CPU voltage.

Now the data becomes normal. After connecting display screen, this iPhone can be turned on normally, as shown in picture 1-5. The iPhone 6s can work again and you will found that your mood back to pleasure and the life getting better.




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