Ways to repair damaged motherboard on iPhone 6

No matter what we do, we must be careful, it will help us succeed. When you repair iPhone, there’s a lot of small parts here,  you maybe will  break some of these parts. There is a case, when the technical is screwing the screws of motherboard,  but accidentally the screw hole was penetrated. That caused the iPhone  can’t display when it turn on. Then repair staff  made up wires, but it doesn’t work.  Now, we can see how did vipprog fix it?

  1. Disassemble the iPhone by Screen Sucker Opening Tools, then cleaning the screw hole, we found that the two circuits under it are cut into two parts. This situation cannot be settled by scratching PCB to make up lines but to motherboard chip Copper wire . We have to use green oil to solidify the jump wires.


  1. Finally, we need to paint all the area with added lines Green UV Fluxes Oil. Then we turn iPhone on and test it, all the function can back to normal work.




  1. As many of you do not pay attention to the strength that you use to twist the screws, the screw holes are often twisted through.


  1. Usually, although we can scratch PCB to make up lines wires and fix it well, we cannot to twist the screw. Fortunately, in this case, a missing screw will not affect the stability of motherboard as well as the usage of iPhone.

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