Simple guide to fix iPhone 6 motherboard burned and won’t boot

Short circuit is a common problem  in the motherboard,  and then it will have a series of chain reaction, such as it cannot turn on.  Here’s a case , the iPhone 6 is charging, accidentally the motherboard was burned,  and then motherboard is short circuit.  The result is that the iPhone 6 won’t boot. Please don’t worry,  now we have simple guide to fix it.

  1. Plug the original charger, but it has no response. Tear it down and plug adjustable DC power supply. The current rises to 1.4A. I can feel that the chip is hot, which suggests that there must be short circuit. Remove the protect cover and put rosin on the charging chip, as shown in picture 6-78. The chip is obviously hot when energized and the rosin melts up.


  1. Replace the chip and then measure the inductor. There is no short circuit now. Clean the chip and energize it to test. The current is normal. Assemble the screen and plug the USB charger. The charging icon is shown normally, as shown in picture 6-79.




You can use USB current voltage meter. It is small and useful. It is convenient to check whether iPhone is in fake charge, as shown in picture 6-80.



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