ERROR 4013: iPhone 6S Plus reboot itself, here’s best solution

Are you looking for help? Because there are something wrong with your iPhone 6S Plus . You don’t know why the iPhone turn off suddenly and then it doesn’t boot properly. When we use iTunes to root it, it shows unknown error 4013. By the way, the iPhone USB control IC of  the iPhone 6S Plus has changed before,  but no water damaged  and no dropping. To solve this issue, we will post the best solution in this article.

The most practical & professional apple repair tools-02_proc

  1.  Use i4 tools to root the iPhone 6S Plus. Usually, if iPhones 6S and its later series have such problem, the NAND Flash, iPhone CPU or baseband are damaged. Use i4 assessment tools to root it and find the faulty place. When white Apple shows, the device UDID that i4 assistance reads are 0, as shown in picture 1-1. UDID exists in NAND Flash, so NAND Flash is faulty. And, the white Apple shows very quickly when rooting (the time from that i4 loads IBEC to that it gets into recovery), which suggests that CPU recognizes NAND Flash. Thus I can be sure that NAND Flash is broken.


  1. Replace the iPhone NAND Flash. After replacing NAND Flash, the rooting goes on smoothly and successfully. The material object is shown in picture 1-2.


  1. After activating it, we find that iPhone can connect computer, but it does not present charge. Because it has changed the USB Control chip before, the chip may be broken. Tear down a USB management chip from a iPhone 6 motherboard. Then connect it to computer and it presents normal charging process. The no charging problem is excluded. The material of U2 USB control chip is shown in picture 1-3.



  • The USB management chips of iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus can be used universally.
  • We had better use heating platform  or PPD 861D Plus hot air rework station to preheat the NAND Flash, if we want to remove it. If it is not preheated, CPU upper board is very likely to have bumps. Although the bumps are not at the right back place, too much air between the upper and lower board will cause bumps at upper board.

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