Short guides for iPhone 5S auto restart after replace LCD screen

Last week, i replace the new LCD screen for iPhone 5s, then it fail to boot, when the LCD screen shows white Apple logo, it auto restart.  Why is that? Vip Pro Shop Team wrote a short guide to solve this problem.


First , we need to know what the cause of this problem is. After we check it,  the screw were incorrectly installed, and the motherboard was broken.

Now, the repair guide is here

First, power off the device and remove the motherboard, we can see the screw column is damaged when observing with the Stereo Microscope, there are traces of being pierced. As shown in picture 7-9-1.


Continue to scrape the motherboard layer, there are four wires were interrupted. As shown in picture 7-9-2.


So we connect the broken wires one by one, and then make green UV oil solidification. As shown in picture 7-9-3.


Power on to test, it still reboot with the same symptom, replace U6 and U2 chip, fault is still as before, and the iPhone device reports error 9 at the last, as shown in picture 7-9-4.


Finally, we remove the iPhone 5s NAND Flash and reball it again with corresponding reballing stencil.

After that, the device can be rebooted properly, the fault is solved successfully.


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