iPhone 7 WIFI grayed out! Get solutions here!

For modern people, WIFI has become an integral part of daily life. However, if your phone cannot connect wifi, what should you do ?  Here is a case, the iPhone 7 accidentally dropped into ground, then pick it up and test it, all is fine except WIFI. The WIFI is gray , and the MAC address cannot be found.  Now, Vip Pro Shop Team shared a solution.

phone repair Tools& equipment-2_proc

Not even Wi-Fi addresses like this are basically caused by the iPhone CPU does not recognize the Wi-Fi chip, the customer said the iPhone has been dropped, we suspect that the chip was damaged or empty solder. Test the Wi-Fi working conditions before removing the chip.

Use multimeter to measure the diode data, no problem found, is it really the Wi-Fi chip that’s broken? Now we only can remove it and replace the new one. To replace the iPhone 7 Wi-Fi chip, you need to remove iPhone NAND flash and unlock. Now, we remove the Wi-Fi chip, and then we found that the solder pad of Wi-Fi chip dropped four points, the position of circuit diagram as follows


These pins are on the PCIE bus, and it passes through coupling capacitor to the CPU. Ready to replace the iPhone WIFI chip, but replacing the chip requires removing the NAND flash, so we’re trying to make up the pins on the chip. Scrape out solder joints, weld the jump wire, and paint the green UV oil, and then plant Tin, welding it with rework station.

The small pins on the edge of the chip can be used to test whether it is properly welded. After welding, measure the diode data with multimeter, it is normal.

Finally, boot it and test it, we can see the WIFI address on the phone now. After a while, test it again, all is fine. Now the trouble has been solved!




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