3 steps to fix iPhone 6s doesn’t boot after dropped

Today, we are going to use 4 steps to fix iPhone 6S doesn’t boot after dropped. This iPhone 6s accidentally dropped into ground, and then it doesn’t turn on.


Step 1:  Disassemble the iPhone with screwdrivers, and then put it connects to DC power supply, it shows big short circuit. After measure it, we found the PP_VCC_MAIN is short circuit.


Step 2: Remove the iPhone motherboard, and observe it under the microscope, we found the capacitance C5283_RF next to iPhone WI-FI chip turned gray, it differs greatly from the color of the capacitor next to it. This capacitance is the filter capacitor of PP_VCC_MAIN.


Step 3: Now we directly remove this capacitor, and measure it again with multimeter, the resistance value is back to normal. Connect it to DC power supply again, and boot it, now it shows normal, the iPhone 6s can be turned on. The repairs end!


Many of dropped iPhones PP_VCC_MAIN filter capacitor will be short circuit.


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  1. Oh wow, I got solution for my iPhone from your blog. You have shared everything that important to fix this issue. Last week my phone dropped on the floor and I was searching about this, at last I found your blog. Thanks!


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