Solved: damaged fingerprint causes iPhone 6 leakage issues

The iPhone 6 was powered up with a leakage of 200mA, we need to solve it.

phone repair Tools& equipment-2_proc

First, let’s analyze the inspection process.

We must test the function of system as possible we can in advance if we encounter the leakage, which will be repaired if any of the functions are tested abnormal, if all is normal, USB tube will be required to pay more attention. USB tube is also a problem, if it gets bad, the function will be normal and no problem can not be detected. If there is a electric leakage on the iPhone, you can first press the iPhone power button and loose to see how much the current will be. In the normal case, it is about one hundred. If it jumps to three hundred or four hundred, there must be electric leakage, and jump to two hundred or three hundred leakage is basically caused by several 3V: The 3v power supply of USB tube, the 3V of fingerprint and the 3V of compass.

Now, let’s solve it

Generally, if cell phone device is tested as 200mA electric leakage when booting, the first choice is to replace USB tube. Of course, this is not absolute, the iPhone 6 we are going to fix today is not caused by the USB tube fault.

Connecting the iPhone 6 with Fluke 15B+ Digital Multimeter , the current shows 200mA. we directly replace a USB tube. The result is that the current is still in the 200mA position after waiting for a few minutes.

So we wonder if there is another fault symptom happened, the last repair technician mentioned the iPhone 6 fingerprint is not good.

When heard of this problem, we can basically judge where the problem is. Connecting multimeter and trigger the on-off current with 300-400 mA, this is not normal. There must be something wrong with the iPhone fingerprint 3V. Use the multimeter to test fingerprint 3V against the ground value, it is short. This kind of situation is generally caused by one of outside capacitance is short, dismantling it! Finally, we find out the C2133 is short circuit, pry it off with phone IC repair knife , reboot the iPhone 6 and retest the standby value is normal, and the fingerprint is also normal now.




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