Why the iPhone 7 Plus won’t turn on?—Best solution is here!

The iPhone 7 Plus won’t turn on! Why is that? The cause of the thing is that the iPhone display screen shows half dim and half light, so we try to fix it, after repairing, we want to turn on iPhone, but failed, the iPhone 7 Plus cannot be turned on now! Fortunately, we can get the best solution here!

The most practical & professional apple repair tools 05_proc
Use JM-P01 Essential Toolkit to disassemble the iPhone, remove the iPhone motherboard and then put observe it under the VGA Camera 7-45X Trinocular Stereo Microscope, there has traces of water, and many small original components have been torn down.


Connect iPhone motherboard to the computer with C48 MFI USB Cable, there is no response. With the help of YH898D hot air gun and Precision Titanium Alloy Tweezers, we remove the iPhone NAND Flash, and then connect it to computer again, still no response.

Use Fluke 15B+ Digital Multimeter to measure the booting power supply and I2C bus, the data is normal. Now we start checking the disconnected iPhone NAND flash that without connecting to the computer. Remove USB tube U4001, measure the resistance of the substrate, we found the E4#(PMU-AOP-TRISTAR-ACTIVE-READY) is short circuit.

Open the WUXINJI Dongle to check the iPhone schematic diagram; We can know that this point is connected to the CPU display IC U3703 C2#. So we remove the U3703, and then measure the C2# and U4001 E4# again, the short circuit fault has been resolved. Reinstalling the iPhone NAND Flash and U4001, and replace a good U3703,


After finish the above step, we need to install the iPhone to detect it. Press the iPhone power button to turn it on, it goes smoothly and then get into IOS. The repairs end!


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