Troubleshoot: iPhone 6 Plus flashlight and rear camera unavailable

Customer sent us an iPhone 6 Plus to repair, the fault is that the iPhone flashlight cannot be turned on, and the iPhone rear camera won’t open either. The iPhone front camera is normal.

professional iPhone repair tool_proc

Generally, if the iPhone rear camera won’t turn on, then the flashlight also cannot be turned on normally. As long as one side is abnormal, it can cause no reaction. After check the iPhone circuit diagram on WUXINJI Dongle, we know that they all communicate with the CPU through the I2S_ISP_TO_RCAM_SCL_I2C_ISP_BI_RCAM_SDA bus. As long as one fails, both of them cannot be used.


Use JM-P01 Essential Phone Repair Toolkit to remove the iPhone motherboard, and observe it under the 7-45X 180X Stereo Zoom Microscope, we found the U3200 chip had traces of moldy by water.


With the help of QUICK 861DW and Precision Titanium Alloy Tweezers, we remove the chip smoothly and quickly. And then we found out that the U3200 chip 4-pin pp_vcc_main powered pin had corroded.


Measure the diode data of this pin with Fluke 15B+ Digital Multimeter, it is infinitely large. Check the iPhone schematic diagram on WUXINJI Dongle and found that PP_VCC_MAIN is through the FL3202 inductance input to the U3200 chip 4 pin. The FL3202 inductance has been corroded under the microscope observation.


Mend the inductance and U3200 power supply IC well, installed iPhone and test, now the flashlight can be turned on, and the iPhone rear camera also back to normal. The repairs end!


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