Analysis iPhone 7 Camera cannot be used reasons – Get Solution Here!

Nowadays, people all like to use their iPhone to take photos or videos to record their life. But, if iPhone camera is damaged,  the camera cannot be used, you’re going to be very frustrated. Because with iPhone camera, you can take pictures anytime, anywhere, it’s very convenience.

When iPhone camera got damaged, such as the iPhone camera won’t turn on, can’t take pictures, failed to save pictures, etc. Here is a case, the iPhone 7 camera went wrong, but you don’t need to feel frustration, because you can get solution here!

After analysis the iPhone 7 schematic diagram on WUXINJI Dongle, we know that there are some power supply circuit  is important,  PP1V8_UT (1.8V), PP3V0_UT_SVDD (3.0V), PP2V8_UT_AF (2.8V), PP2V9_UT_AVDD(2.9V), and PP1V2_UT_VDD (1.2V) .  2 of them can be measured by Fluke 15B+ Digital Multimeter after iPhone power on,  they were PP1V8_UT (1.8V), PP3V0_UT_SVDD (3.0V). The other three circuits power was supplied by U2502,  but U2501 is easy to damge, which can cause iPhone 7 unable to take pictures.  In this case,  we can remove U2501, and then short connect it.

By the way, the system will automatically turn off the camera function when the iPhone hardware is abnormal. If you can’t take photos after restoring the power supply, you can erase all the data and activate it again.

The iPhone flash power supply IC damage will also cause no camera function, you can take videos but unable to take photos, can take photos but unable to save them. If you encounter this problem, just replace a new iPhone flash IC will solve the problem.

Moreover, PP1V8_UT(1.8V), PP3V0_UT_SVDD (3.0V), PP2V8_UT_AF (2.8), VPP1V2_UT_VDD (1.2V) is sent to the camera interface J4501 respectively through inductance FL2500 FL2502 FL2505 FL2506. These inductors are easy to damage, resulting in failure to take photos.

In this case, we need to measure the resistance of the 5 circuit of power supply to the ground first, exclude the failures of broken circuit or short circuit. Check FL2500 FL2502 FL2505 FL2506 , make a short connection on U2501 by using PPD 861D Plus hot air rework station and jumper wire.

After try above solutions, your iPhone camera will back to normal work. If still not working, then you need to keep test it till find the problem, then you can fix it smoothly.



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