Troubleshoot: iPhone 7 Plus camera function unavailable

Last week, we’ve received an iPhone 7 plus need to be repaired, the trouble is that the iPhone 7 Plus camera function is unavailable, it can’t take pictures.  How to troubleshoot it? Here is the simple guide.

The most practical & professional apple repair tools(1)

Before we are going to fix it, we need to check iPhone 7P schematic diagram on WUXINJI Dongle first, and then we can know that  iPhone 7P two camera are connected together. When disassemble the iPhone 7P rear camera, you need to pry up from the left side.

Now, Start repair.

First, carefully tear down the iPhone, and then remove the iPhone camera.

Second, take a new iPhone camera, and then replace it. After replacement, test it,  it fails to work.

Third, check iPhone motherboard, as we know,  the iPhone 7P double camera is rely on the bigger camera to get image, use  Fluke 15B+ digital multimeter to test its resistance, it is normal.

Fourth, check iPhone power supply, the iPhone 7P also has two power supply pipe, as shown in picture 15-5-3, the corresponding part of J4501 is Q2501, use soldering iron at high temperature to take off U2501. After the short connection with jumper wire, the test machine (and the U3001 short connection method is the same).

In the case of insurance, do not use the battery to open the iPhone directly, use DC power supply to see if the voltage is abnormal. After testing, the the data is normal now.

At last, install iPhone to test, the iPhone 7 Plus camera function is available now.



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