Latest Solution For iPhone 7 Weak WIFI Signal Issue

Does your iPhone 7 has WIFI issue? Even the WIFI network is working properly, but the iPhone 7 WIFI signal is weak . Every time we want to watch video or open a website page, it always takes a long time to search. In a word, the iPhone 7 WIFI is abnormal, we need  use phone repair tools to fix it, the latest solution is here.

Power on iPhone 7, get into IOS, and then connect it to available WIFI network to check, the WIFI signal can not be displayed fully. Use another iPhone to connect the same WIFI network, it works perfectly. Now , we confirm that the iPhone 7 has weak WIFI signal issue.

Put it on the WL Aluminum Alloy Pad, and then use phone opening kits to disassemble the iPhone 7, remove the iPhone logic board.

Put iPhone 7 logic board under the microscope to check iPhone WIFI part, no obvious damaged.

Directly replace the new iPhone WIFI module IC and then test it , the failure still exist. Now, we can  eliminate the WiFi IC problem.

Check signal receive part,  use QUICK 861DW hot air rework station to weld a jump wire on it, and then test it again, now the iPhone  7 WIFI signal back to normal, it works perfectly.


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