Solved: iPhone 7 white Apple reboot after repairing audio part

Apple iPhone 7 auto reboot when white Apple logo appears on the iPhone display screen and it can’t enter the IOS system, the iPhone can be flashed, but for second time, the iPhone 7 auto reboot while the flash process bar is not finished.

professional phone repair tool
This iPhone 7 originally needed to repair the audio part because it was not able to record, and the voice can’t be sent out on the Wechat or Whatsapp. For this audio failure, we can fix it by replacing the new iPhone audio. However, after replace the iPhone audio, the iPhone 7 always white Apple reboot.

First we thought maybe it’s the iPhone audio is not installed well, so we re-install the audio by QUICK 861DW hot air rework station, but after replacement, the problem is the same. We try to flash the iPhone, the flash process runs smoothly, but it won’t be able to access the IOS system after the flash, re-flash the iPhone again, the iPhone automatically restarts.

Is the iPhone battery out of power?  Replace the new iPhone battery, and then test it, the iPhone boot successfully, but something wrong, the iPhone battery power percentage is not right. Now, we realized that the iPhone battery detective pin has some problem.

Use Fluke 15B+ Digital Multimeter to test it, the data tested is normal, re-test it for several times, we confirm the problem is the iPhone battery detective pin. Check the iPhone schematic diagram in the WUXINJI Dongle.

There are Q2102 and a boost resistor, the resistor tested is good, directly replace the new Q2102.

Reboot the iPhone again, now everything goes well, the repairs end!


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