Fix iPhone 7 Blurry screen failure by repairing iPhone logic board

The iPhone 7 displays a blurry screen after  it is turned on, the iPhone screen is darkness, and there are some lines on the screen, we need to fix it. After testing and checking, the problem is on the iPhone logic board, we need to fix iPhone logic board.

Disassemble the iPhone 7 by phone opening tools, and then take out the iPhone motherboard.

After checking, we find this iPhone motherboard appearance is good. According to the previously experience, we need to measure the iPhone display socket.

Measure the iPhone display socket by digital multimeter, we found the 7th resistance of  the display socket is infinitely large,the normal data should be about 400.

Picture 1

Check iPhone 7 schematic diagram in the WUXINJI Dongle, we know this pin is iPhone display screen 1.8V power supply, and according to the bitmap, we know that this pin is connected with inductance FL3906.

Picture 2

Measuring the other end of the inductance ,the data tested is normal.

Use QUICK 861DW to replace the new inductance FL3906, and then measure it again, the data is normal now.

Install the iPhone, and turn it on to test, now the iPhone LCD screen displays normally, the repairs end!


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