Best solution for iPhone 6S recording failure (murmur)

When we use recording function on iPhone 6S, it’s not working well, there is a murmur when the iPhone was recording.  We restart the iPhone 6S and try it again, the recording function still not working well, what’s trouble? Get best solution here!

The most practical & professional apple repair tools-02

Use phone opening tools to disassemble the iPhone 6S, take out the iPhone motherboard, there is no obviously scars.

Open the WUXINJI Dongle to check iPhone 6S schematic diagram, we know that the iPhone recording failure can be caused by  iPhone tail plug socket J4600 or iPhone big audio U3500.

Put iPhone motherboard under the Trinocular Integrated Microscope,  carefully use Titanium Alloy Tweezers to  remove the sponge from the iPhone tail plug socket J4600 to see the capacitance resistor inductance underneath.

After remove the sponge, we found the FL4601 and FL4611 resistor fall off, these 2 resistors will affect tail plug recording and causes murmur.

Picture 2

Now, we can short connect these two resistors. Use QUICK TR1300A hot air rework station to solder a jumper wire to short connect FL4606 and FL4611.

Finally, install the iPhone, get into IOS to test the iPhone recording function, now it works well, there is no  murmur when the iPhone was recording.




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